My lash lift training

Online Training cost: $550.00

what's included in the course?

  • Premium My Lamination Lash Lift Kit .................
  • 6 Months Access to Only Study Platform............
  • Step by Step Guide/Booklet Mailed with Kit........
  • Lifetime Support Chat Group with All Lash Artist
  • Step by Step Videos, Lectures and Photos..........
  • My Lamination Lash Lift Certificate.....................

What's covered in the course?

  • Vitamin Lash Lift Process (Step-by-Step).................
  • Lash Tint Process (Step-by-Step)..............................
  • Lash Lamination Process (Step-by-Step).................
  • Eybrows Lamination Process (Step-by-Step)...........
  • Hygiene, Contraidication, Products, Setup & More..

What Is Vitamin Lash Lift?

Vitamin Lash Botox is a cosmetic technique of lifting and straightening eyelashes using a combination of vitamins, natural oils and amino acids. The process involves using silicone to lift eyelashes and coat them with the Vitamin Botox product produce by My Lamination which is founded in Vicenza, Italy. This allows the eyelashes to grow as much as 50%, for a thicker and longer look. Cancelling out all harmful substances and standing against testing on animals we’ve have been able to achieve a more astonishing and eye-catching Lash Lift effect. In this training we break down the several types of lifts, eye shapes and techniques with step by step videos, lectures and photos to ensure our trainees are fully capable of providing the highest quality of service and exceeding the companies standards.

vitamin Lash Lift
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The exclusive Vitamin Lash Lift Kit is what makes our lash lift training and students so successful. Anybody can perform eyelash lamination or eyelash lift treatments, but not everyone will receive a quality kit. That’s why your kit includes:

  • 15 Lift pure white + Keratin solutions
  • 15 Fix pure white + Keratin solutions
  • 15 Noutish light keratin up solutions
  • 2 Y shape product applicators
  • 1 shield adhesive
  • 5 silicone Pads for each size S/M/M1/M2/L
  • 3 eyebrow and eyelash tint in colors: black, blue black and brown
  • Tint developer
  • My Lamination vitamin lash botox
  • Pigment and tint mixer with mixing sticks (100pcs)
  • 1 pack of 100 microbrushes
  • 1 pack of 100 tint removers/applicators 

about us

Providing the top quality lash products in the industry and instructing each lash artist working with our products how to deliver the most astonishing and most natural lash lift in the world. This innovative Italian method has originated in Vicenza, Italy and has been one of the fastest growing companies across Europe and now expanding to America. All My Lamination Lash Lifting products are animal cruelty free and are made in Italy with the most tender love and care holding human health at its highest priority. 

With increased popularity of eyelash cosmetic treatments, Art of Beauty Academy now offers the Vitamin Lash Lift and Lamination training. You will have the pleasure of working side-by-side with master artist Gabriela Addie who will share her proven lamination technique done by My Lamination vitamin lash Botox and vitamin formula.

Receive years of practice and experience of lash lift training in just a few short classes. During the course you will learn: 

  • Learn How to Perform the Technique Using our Step by Step Learning Process
  • Learn How to Use the Different My Lamination Products for Beautiful Lash Lifting Results
  • Learn Specific Terms in the Lash Industry and What They Really Mean
  • Get My Lamination Certificate and Work with a Magnificent Lash Kit

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